Jerry Hannan.../....Mad Hannans?  
It's all the same song really....

Straight out of Marin County.  As seen on TV!  Vagabonds living the high life.  Here we go....

Mad Hannans started as Jerry and Sean Hannan in 1996 with their first album "Madly in Love With You" which became a local cult tradition for many years.  Sean passed away in 2013 and is remembered in the 2017 film 'Mad Hannans' directed by Martin Shore.  
If you like folk or country or rock, or crying in your popcorn with a big smile on your face,  this experience might just be for you. 
Jerry continues to carry the torch as the Mad Hannans documentary is making its way around the global film festival circuit with live performances accompanying most screenings.  Next stop is Killarney Ireland, and then Orlando Florida.   Hunker down - put on your dancing underpants.  Soundtrack coming out of the gate soon - look for it .   Enjoyable!  

Trump has nothing on us.  

Let the Audience Sing - and eat cake

Let the Audience Sing - and eat cake