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  1. Blind Man


Jerry Hannan

You know they say the blind man
he’s the only one who can really see
I stared into the crowd today
and I noticed him looking at me
He said boy you better watch yourself
There’s a new time coming your way
You better look before you leap son
a new sun rises every day

But you can do what you want to
but first you gotta see
You can do what you want
He said you can

Well you want to be the president
and a millionaire and a movie star
or maybe just a bus driver
or a Jesus freak who plays guitar
Better set a sight on one thing
There’s so many things without a doubt
you want to find a place in the puzzle
that’ll suit you the way you’re cut out


And I’m lookin’ so hard to find my means
Then when I’m not even looking
It comes to me It comes to me

I was sitting on the corner down town
with a vagabond in the village square
He was a great ballad singer
And he told me I was a good player
We didn’t make much money
and some folks were lookin’ down on me
but that didn’t matter ‘cause we were singing
and we were happy

we were happy