Hard Drinkin'

When I woke up this morning I was nailed down to my bed
Had a cactus in my belly, and an anvil in my head
And ol' Jose Cuervo made me wish that I was dead
Oh Jesus

I can't recall the night before was much more than a buzz
I had trouble looking for me, the way it always does
I chanced to role on over in my bed and there she was

'Cause it's that hard drinking
It's gonna do ya every time
Yeah it's that hard drinking
that blows my mind

I slept through my alarm just like the many times before
And a message from my boss sais I don't work there anymore
Threre's a bottle on the dresser, but the booze is in the floor
I'm alright

I crawl out to my car, it's idling on my neighbor's lawn
and all four doors are open, and the radio is on
And thrown about the driveway is the tux that I had on last night
I'm alright


Tequila drives a bargain It negotiates your brain
Then it haggles from your liver Then you flush it down the drain
There's a price you pay tomorrow The price you pay is pain
all day
I'm alright