I Thought I Was You

When I was just two, I thought I was you
'cause that's what everybody called me
They sent me to school,and I broke every rule
just praying that they'd set me free
My mother and father were not even bothered
that I was misled and confused
They left me there longer, and it just made me stronger
and I learned how to tie my own shoes
I learned how to pay my own dues

and it's oh no
thats how it goes
what tomorrow will bring us, well nobody knows
So pick up the pieces and throw down your woes
Tell your ma to stop rockin the cradle

I still remember it was late in December
when I started singin' the blues
My sisters and brothers could never uncover my stories
though I left many clues
And that girl I was dating was tired of waiting
for me to come out of my shell
Well I do not regret her, though for worse or for better
she told me she'd found someone else
She threw my love on the shelf


So you daddys and ladies when you go having babies
just know that they are who they are
You can't dropkick and send them to a place where they bend them
cause that's when they never go far
Gotta let them grow wild, and treat them real mild
and you'll see them come on real strong
And when they rise above you, don't think they don't love you
They always come down before long
They'll come 'round singing your song