Anna May

I met a little girly named Anna May
She's good in the kitchen, she's good in the hay
If you give her a little drink and another one still
Anna may become Anna Will

Well I met her down at Volpi's Grocery
and she wasn't in the spirits, no-sir-ee
So I took her on back to the adjoining bar
sat down and said "hey, how bout a couple a jars"

Anna May Anna Will
if you give her a little drink
and another one still
Anna may become Anna Will

The first beer went down like a welcome breeze
and Anna May was looking rosie from her head to her knees
She scooted her stool a little closer to me and said
"how about two" and I said "how about three"

The second beer went down like a river flows
She said "that was good, let's get the third to go"
So I walked her back up to the grocery store
I bought a sixer and Anna May bought six more


I said "let's go to my place, that sounds fine"
She said "no we cant 'cause we're goin' to mine"
Then we had us a real good time
Then we had us another real good time
and another time
and another time...

Well she finally let go of me and she chugged a beer
And I was lookin' for a way to get out of there
She said "no, please stay a couple more times"
I said "there ain't no way" and I felt like dyin

Well I tried to run but she locked the door
I wanted out She wanted more
A huffin' and a puffin' like a Brahma Bull
I think Anna May became Annamal

Anna May, she's an animal
If you give her a slug, don't you fill it too full
Anna May she's an Annamal

I held up her red sheets like a matador
She took a charge at me Her head hit the door
It swung right open and out I tore