She was a fan of the A's
Allergic to B's
She travelled the C's
and had a lovely pair of D's
I met her with E's
Thought we would F
Next thing she's sayin' G's
honey I have a head H
So I looked into her I's
We smoked a couple of J's
and when she felt oK
we both said 'what the bloody L'
She melts like m & M's
when she's burnin' at both N's
I gave her the big O
and wound up with her P's
Well sometimes you miss your Q
and you don't know where you R
don't know que hora S
when you're tainted by the T's
Then you let her U's
all the credit on your V's
ah said I must be seeing W
remind me of my X
And I guess that explains Y
I wanna roll over and catch some Z's