Smoke in Heaven

It's a shame that we all have to go one by one
A journey alone is never much fun
And there's no-one to drive, if you're driven

If I ever feel rich I will build me a home
A square foot of nothing with nowhere to rome
Sure we all live alone, in our heads

Wouldn't it be grand if our souls could hold hands
We'd climb Darwin's Mountain from the watery sands
And leap off a cliff and take a deep breath
And watch our bodies descend to the rocks - to their death
And we'd build a big nest on the outskirts of space
And say we're no longer running this Subhuman Race

Wouldn't it be better if we all lived together
Hiding under one shelter from the unfriendly weather
We'd build a high wall And call it Utopia
-ride 'round in taxis that run on good dope yeah
we'd start a big war to bring down the price
and be kiiled by our national safety device ' you can't smoke in Heaven.

Maybe they'll bury me in the front yard

Wouldn't it be great if we all died together
We would all rise up like birds of a feather
And there'd be such a line at the gold gates of Heaven
St. Peter could open a 7-11
And we'd buy cigarettes and stand around puffin'
'cause you can't smoke in Heaven and you can't drink outside
no, you can't smoke in Heaven and you can't drink outside